Hi Thierry! You're okay? Thank you for giving me this second interview-confidences. Today, I would like you to be able to tell us about your intermittent status of the show. First of all, what is this status and since when are you?

Hello! I'm so good thank you and you? Wow, I wasn't really paying attention, but now that you tell me, I realize that I've been intermittent about the show for almost 15 years. Time flies! 

In terms of status, basically, it has been put in place by the government for people who work in the entertainment industry, such as artists or professional technicians. 

The principle is to accumulate a certain number of hours worked, stamps (days of activity) to acquire this status.

Being intermittent to the show is not always easy and it is far from a luxury. It is as difficult to get it as it is to maintain it. 

The status allows us to obtain support to fill the periods of inactivity that can be numerous because we do not have a CDI. 

We have to have regular castings which can cause constant stress as in a job interview. Do you think you'll have to spend one several times a week? In other words, we have regular stress, but we're fine, we're trying to deal with it.

Like all trades, I guess there are pros and cons with this status. Without going into detail, can you give us a few?

Okay, I'll give it a try! 

First of all, it is true that in France, this status allows us to be full-time artists, in their own right. That's a real advantage.

Besides this, we have the chance to live various and varied experiences, no monotony! You have the feeling of living several lives in one and the chance to play several roles.

For some, there is the opportunity to travel and I have the chance to do so sometimes. Moreover, beyond living from his passion, travel is a real cultural enrichment. It goes hand in hand with the openness that our profession demands. 

Another advantage, I would say that to be intermittent of the show is to adopt a real family too! We do a lot of meetings and it's a real sharing.

After all is not rosy. Our social life is really impacted because we regularly have staggered schedules. So, we can spend the holidays alone for example, miss important events for our friends or family because we don't see them often.

There is also economic and social instability because you never know what tomorrow will be made of. We're always looking for the next job so we have to keep thinking about the next contract.

Yes it actually seems not so obvious and surely the feeling of living on a thread in the end. After that, does this instability have an impact on potential life projects? So it must be complicated to invest, right?

Investing is still possible but it is more difficult.

Then you have exactly the same difficulty when you want to stay. Our status is often not reassuring for an owner because we do not have a CDI and payslips with a regular income to present.

Despite these constraints, you seem to thrive in your profession…

Of course and fortunately!

The fact of being intermittent of the show for fifteen years and having been able to keep my head on my shoulders still allowed me to access the property and therefore invest!

In addition, as I said earlier, the world of entertainment is a big family and we have the chance to meet former colleagues on projects. You feel like you're in a small comfort zone, you feel more comfortable when you already know a part of the team.

So, we make moments of reunion and that's cool! It's kind of like a second family in the end!

And frankly, I've had some incredible friendly encounters during my various contracts.

I'm lucky to have made friends for life! 🙂


Thank you very much Thierry for enlightening us on the intermittent status of the show and for giving us these few confidences! We learn more about the other side of the scene in the world of entertainment through your experiences. It's that we're starting to get a taste for it! 

Laughing out loud! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create this sharing. It's always a pleasure to do it.

Let's meet for an upcoming interview-confidences?

Come on, the appointment's made! 😉

– Interview by Astride CORDONNIE –